What Lexis Diligence® does for you

Improve your due-diligence research

Lexis Diligence® gives you access to over 150 databases of first-rate business information, not to mention millions of public and private company profiles that cover developed and emerging markets.

Keeping your eye on the crowd

Steer clear of blacklisted companies and the risk of expensive fines. Lexis Diligence helps you screen against all the key international sanctions and watch lists, including OFAC, HM Treasury, FBI, and over 800,000 PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons).

An archive of international news

Protect your company's reputation and research more than 23,000 news sources for anything out of the ordinary. From international, national and regional newspapers to blogs and newswires. Lexis Diligence archives go back more than 35 years, to ensure that you uncover all the information.

Check the legal history

Review the (inter)national case data of a company or person and check whether any legal questions arise. Data can be researched from the UK, EU, US, and selected Asian jurisdictions. For example, UK data includes: all England Law Reports, ICLR Law Reports, and reported cases from England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Understand your subject

Acquaint yourself with a person's background, by researching over 500 biographical sources and executive profiles. From Who's Who to Debrett's.

Get country information

Access ground media reports and in-depth country risk analysis reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit. This helps to identify any high risk issues and deliver a thorough due-diligence report.

Why due diligence?

Get to know the partners, associates, and vendors you are considering working with. By way of a simple user interface and with the click of the search button, you can gain a wealth of information. Not only news and reports, but also watch lists, country risk reports, and more. From associations like OFAC, EPLs, OIG, HM Treasury, and the FBI. Lexis Diligence® lets you search over 37 billion public records. To understand the people you are vetting, and help steer you in the right direction.

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Improve your due-diligence research

Dig deeper with Lexis due diligence

Go further in your due-diligence process with our extensive archives and news searches. Your risk can be minimized greatly when you know who you're doing business with. Lexis due diligence lets you search among more than 37 billion public records, to ensure that the company, vendor, supplier, partner, or client you are about to associate with is above board.

Get the full story

Lexis Diligence® is so much more than just an online tool. It's easy interface lets you access vital information – anytime, anywhere. Want to ensure that there are minimal skeletons in the closet of the vendor you're vetting? Accelerate your research by pre-defining a list of negative search words. Want to see if your associated partners have done business with a specific company? Use corporate hierarchy data to reveal any relationships between unrelated businesses.

Stay above board

Search news archives going back 40 years. International, national, and regional newspapers, magazines, journals, newswires, and broadcast transcripts. An excellent way to ensure that your company is not unknowingly doing business with a blacklisted company. A great way to steer clear of additional fines and damage to your reputation.


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It's all about the details

Creating detailed due-diligence reports no longer leaves you scratching your head. Not if you're using Lexis Diligence®. Show regulators that your company is taking the right due-diligence steps and performing compliance audits correctly.

The right report at the right time

Lexis Diligence® is equipped with The Report Builder. This tool helps you show your compliance efforts, complete with a verifiable audit trail. Improve your decision making by getting a more complete picture of the companies and individuals you do business with.

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