With BatchNameCheck companies like yours, with a large number of clients, can check your database against official sanctions lists. Check Interpol, PEP, and other international lists automatically and on a regular basis.

What is BatchNameCheck

BatchNameCheck is a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for integrated name checking of current and new entities.
With anti-money laundering and anti-bribery regulations becoming tougher and companies subject to increased scrutiny, it's important that your business has an effective screening and monitoring service to protect itself from 3rd party risks.

What BatchNameCheck does for you

With ad-hoc or high volume company or person batch searches, BatchNameCheck gives you daily screening results and reports that help your identify and escalate entities that pose a potential risk to your organisation. By leveraging critical global watchlists, sanctions and PEP databases, as well as negative news searches, you receive near real-time results that give you the confidence you need to move your business forward.

Quick to install and easily integrated with your own systems behind your firewall, BatchNameCheck comes with all the search, workflow and audit tools you need to efficiently manage the screening process.

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How BatchNameCheck works

BatchNameCheck xs

Is your company smaller? A Small or Medium Enterprise? Thanks to the specially developed BatchNameCheck xs software, your smaller company can perform regular checks against official sanctions lists like Interpol, PEP, and other international lists.

Information in 4 clicks

BatchNameCheck xs software lets you gain more control over who you do business with. Simply import your contacts, indicate which official sanctions lists you want the names checked against, then execute NameCheck and verify the hits. You can then run reports to get a complete and updated overview.

Lexis BatchNameCheck is a software program that you can install on your server. The official sanctions lists are updated regularly, giving you the most current feedback within your own IT environment. An easy and reliable way to run reports and let your management team and auditors see that you have carried out the name-checking requirements for a proper due diligence.

What's so great about this software

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You can install the BatchNameCheck software programs on your computer, and any data you enter will stay within your IT environment. Because the lists are automatic, they update every time you run the application. Additionally, the convenient reporting module gives you a clear overview of all your reports.

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